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Do you offer wholesale accounts?

Yes, we do. Please refer to our wholesale guide here: to find who qualifies and how to register.

How do I view wholesale prices?

If you have registered online as a wholesale customer and you have been approved by us then the prices will be marked as wholesale once you log in.  In our physical store, your prices will automatically list as wholesale once you have given us your wholesale credentials.   Please view our guide here: for more information.

What is the difference between wholesale, retail accounts and Tax Exempt?

Wholesale customers are businesses or people who will resale the merchandise that they purchase and are not the end-users of the merchandise.  They have registered in the state where they do business and are usually issued a resale license and a Tax I.D.. With this Tax I.D. we are able to verify tax exempt status (not pay local and state sales taxes) and are able to purchase from us at wholesale prices after meeting other wholesale requirements.

Retail customers are people or businesses that come into our store and purchase merchandise for their own use or for an entity or person that will be the final user (end-user) of that merchandise. Governing law require us to collect state and local taxes in all of these purchases (unless they have a valid tax I.D. which exempts them from paying local taxes (i.e. Government Entities or Schools).

Tax Exempt customers can be both wholesale and retail customers that have a valid Tax I.D. and a valid reason why they dont pay taxes.  However, not all tax I.Ds are automatically tax exempt (i.e: Restaurants that want to decorate their locations).  In this example since they are the end comsumers (end - user) of the products they are obligated by the state and local laws to pay sales tax even though they are issued a Tax ID number by the state.  However, if this restaurant goes to a food distribution store they will get tax exempt purchase becuase they will cook and sale the food (they won't consume it or use it).    

What is the difference between Fiesta On Main, Fiesta at North Star and  Alamo Fiesta?

Fiesta On Main® is our original brick and mortar which sells to the public on retail terms only.  Fiesta at North Star is our main distribution and wholesale store which also welcomes retail customers. Alamo Fiesta® (  is our online store which sells retail and wholesale to our customers.  However, Alamo Fiesta® was our original brick and mortar store's name until 2001.